The RSPB is the largest wildlife conservation charity in Europe. The RSPB manages a nature reserve in the Nene Washes SPA where a significant proportion of the UK’s black-tailed godwit population breed. The RSPB also manages a nature reserve in the Ouse Washes SPA, another important site for black-tailed godwits.



WWT conserves, restores and creates wetlands, saves wetland wildlife and inspires people to value the amazing things that healthy wetlands achieve for people and nature. WWT manages ten wetland nature reserves in the UK and has developed pioneering techniques for restoring threatened wetland wildlife such as the common crane, Madagascar pochard and spoon-billed sandpiper. WWT manages the land surrounding the Welney Wetland Centre where they have successfully created new breeding habitat for black-tailed godwits.

Funders and collaborators


EU LIFE Nature Programme

Project Godwit has been awarded over €1.6 million from the LIFE Programme - the EU’s funding programme for the environment and climate action. The general objective of LIFE is to contribute to the implementation, updating and development of EU environmental and climate policy and legislation by co-financing projects with European added value.


Natural England

Natural England and the RSPB have joined forces to combine their conservation expertise and scientific research under a programme called Action for Birds in England.  This innovative partnership programme is helping us to develop understanding, improve protection and work for the recovery of some of England’s most threatened birds.


National Lottery Heritage Fund

Project Godwit has been supported by a grant from the National Lottery Heritage Fund through the Back from the Brink Programme. Thanks to National Lottery players, we are working to secure a future for black-tailed godwits in the UK.



Project Godwit is grateful to have received support from the HSBC 150th Anniversary fund.

Montague-Panton Animal Welfare Trust

Project Godwit has received significant funding from the Montague-Panton Animal Welfare Trust.


Leica Camera UK

Leica Camera UK provided support to Project Godwit to grow the UK black-tailed godwit population through the provision of financial support and optics equipment.


Global Flyway Network

Many of the re-sightings from outside the UK are provided by a dedicated team of ring readers from the Netherlands whose work is funded by the University of Groningen and the Global Flyway Network project. Find out more about their important work on global flyways and godwits here.

And many others

Project Godwit has also received financial support from many other generous organisations and individuals, including the members of RSPB and WWT. We are grateful to everyone to has supported this project.