Sex: Female

Hatch date: 20 May 2019

Release date: 17 Jun 2019

Release site: Lady Fen, WWT Welney

Latest sighting: WWT Welney, Jun 2021

Guardian: The Word Garden

Photo credit: WWT

The beginning of her story...
Chiney was collected as an egg from the Nene Washes in April 2019.

Back to the wild...
Chiney was released with her three siblings - Hume, Helder and Hewit - and 17 other headstarted birds at Lady Fen, WWT Welney on 17 June 2019, the first release of that year.

And her story continues...
July to August 2019. Chiney heads over to RSPB Boyton Marshes in Suffolk.
April to June 2021. Chiney is back in the Fens and spends the summer at WWT Welney.

How was she named?
was named in honour of the Scottish soldiers brought to the Fens as prisoners of war in the 17th century. These soldiers built the New Bedford River (forming the Ouse Washes) and many of the other drainage works that created the modern landscape of the Fens. Chiney is one of the family names of soldiers listed in the Adventurers’ Minute Books.


Latest update: 3/7/21