Sex: Female

Hatch date: 29 May 2018

Release date: 27 June 2018

Release site: RSPB Nene Washes

Latest sighting: WWT Welney, Jun 2021

Guardian: not yet, become a Guardian

Photo credit: WWT
Cornelia map

The beginning of her story...
Cornelia's egg was artifically incubated at WWT Welney from 27 April 2018 until she hatched on 29 May.

Back to the wild...
One of the youngest birds of 2018, Cornelia was part of group three along with her three siblings Chopstick, Chalky and Caramel. This group was released at the Nene Washes on 27 June. Cornelia is fitted with a geolocator and is helping us better understand the migratory route of godwits.

And her story continues...
August 2018. Cornelia's geolocator tells us she left RSPB Nene Washes on 13th August and arrived in the wetlands of south-east Mauritania just two days later! This may even have been a non-stop flight!
May 2019. Cornelia is back at the Nene Washes.
June 2019. Cornelia has paired with a wild male and is nesting at the Nene Washes.
April 2020. Cornelia returns to the Nene Washes.
May 2020. Cornelia moves to WWT Welney at the end of May.
April - May 2021. Cornelia is back at the Nene Washes.
June 2021. Again Cornelia moves to WWT Welney after breeding at the Nene Washes.

How was she named?
Cornelia was originally called Cornelius using a suggestion by @bogbumper on Twitter. The name was adapted slightly when we realised she was female on her return in 2019.


Latest update: 3/7/21