Sex: Male

Hatch date: 11 May 2017

Release date: 12 Jun 2017

Release site: Lady Fen, WWT Welney

Latest sighting: WWT Welney, Jun 2021

Guardian: Rackham C of E Primary School - Oak Class

Photo credit: Bob Ellis/WWT

The beginning of his story...
Benwick's egg was collected from the RSPB Nene Washes in April 2017. He hatched at WWT Welney along with his three siblings in May 2017.

Back to the wild...
Benwick was released on 12 June 2017 on Lady Fen at WWT Welney. He was released with 24 other young godwits including his sister Anouk and two other siblings.

And his story continues...
April 2019. After no sightings since leaving the release area in summer 2017, Benwick is first spotted at Dunkirk near the Ouse Washes, and then at WWT Welney.
May 2020. Benwick is spotted back at WWT Welney.
June 2020. Benwick is at RSPB Titchwell on the north coast of Norfolk.
February 2021. Benwick is spotted at Porto Alto in Portugal.
March to June 2021. Benwick is back at WWT Welney for the 2021 breeding season.

How was he named?
Benwick is named after the village of Benwick in Cambridgeshire. The village of Benwick is located near the Nene Washes and its name is derived from the Old English bean and wic, meaning "farm where beans are grown" or "farm by a tree-trunk."


Latest update: 3/7/21