Sex: Female

Hatch date: 11 May 2017

Release date: 12 Jun 2017

Release site: Lady Fen, WWT Welney

Latest sighting: WWT Welney, June 2021

Guardian: Townley School and Pre-school - Emperor Class

Photo credit: Otto de Vries

The beginning of her story...
Anouk's egg was collected from the RSPB Nene Washes in April 2017. She hatched at WWT Welney along with her three siblings in May 2017.

Back to the wild...
Anouk was released on 12 June 2017 on Lady Fen at WWT Welney. Anouk was released with 24 other young godwits including her brother Benwick and two other siblings.

And her story continues...
March 2019. Anouk is spotted at Wieringerwerf in the Netherlands, feeding amongst a large flock of godwits.
April 2019. Within days of being seen in the Netherlands, Anouk makes it back to Lady Fen at WWT Welney. She appears to be paired with Delph.
April 2020. Anouk is spotted back at WWT Welney, feeding at a pool on Lady Fen.
June 2020. Anouk is paired with Delph and fledges one chick at WWT Welney.
August 2020. She's on migration, spotted near Cley in Norfolk.
March to June 2021. Anouk is breeding at WWT Welney.

How was she named?
Anouk is a Dutch name meaning 'grace.' We chose a Dutch name in honour of our Dutch friends who have provided us with lots of godwit sightings, and because her first sighting away from the Fens was in the Netherlands.


Latest update: 3/7/21