Our objectives

Black-tailed Godwit (Limosa limosa) mother with chicks at nest, Waterland, Netherlands

To increase the productivity of black-tailed godwits at the Nene and Ouse Washes so that the population can begin to recover.


To maintain and enhance black-tailed godwit wet grassland habitat at the Nene and Ouse washes, providing the right conditions for the species to thrive.

Colour rings Andy Hay rspb-images.com

To improve our understanding of the local and migratory movements of black-tailed godwits breeding in the project area, using colour ringing and tracking.

Black Tailed Godwit Lancashire-© Eric Woods rspb

To supplement the Ouse Washes black-tailed godwit population through the trialling of a rear-and-release programme,  helping to re-establish the birds at sites adjacent to the Ouse Washes.


To increase support among local communities for the long-term conservation of black-tailed godwits.


To develop a UK-wide recovery plan for black-tailed godwits, working with international flyway initiatives.