Sex: Unknown

Hatch date: 29 May 2018

Release date: 27 June 2018

Release site: RSPB Nene Washes

Latest sighting: Nene Washes, May 2019.

Guardian: not yet, become a Guardian

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The beginning of this bird's story...
Strider's egg was collected from the Nene Washes in April and transported to WWT Welney for incubation. Strider hatched on 29 May, one of the youngest headstarted birds in 2018.

Back to the wild...
Strider was released with two sisters Scott and Stilts back at the Nene Washes on 27 June. This was the first release at the Nene Washes and included 15 birds in total.

And the story continues...
May 2019. After no sightings since summer 2018, Strider is spotted back at the Nene Washes.
June 2019. Strider has paired with a wild bird and is nesting at the Nene Washes.

Where are the sisters Scott and Stilts?

How was this bird named?
Strider was suggested by Mydanwy Mog on Twitter when we asked for name ideas in summer 2018. The perfect word to describe how these long-legged birds march through their wet homes.


    Latest update: 10/6/19