Sex: Female

Hatch date: 28 May 2018

Release date: 27 June 2018

Release site: RSPB Nene Washes

Latest sighting: France, Oct 2018

Photo credit: WWT

Guardians: Owlets Class of Hilgay Riverside Academy
Years 3 & 4 of Millfield Primary School


The beginning of her story...
Caramel's egg was artifically incubated at WWT Welney from 27 April 2018 until hatch day on 28 May.

Back to the wild...
One of the youngest birds of 2018, Caramel was part of group three along with her three siblings Cornelia, Chalky and Chopstick. This group was released at the Nene Washes on 27 June. Caramel is fitted with a geolocator so, in future, may help us map the godwits' migratory route.

And her story continues...
October 2018. Caramel is spotted in France.
May 2019. Caramel was not seen in the Washes this summer, but her sister Cornelia is back at the RSPB Nene Washes.

How was she named?
Caramel was suggested by @loopylja when we asked for name ideas on social media. The perfect word to describe the beautiful colour of godwit plumage in the summer!


Latest update: 17/10/2018