Sex: Female

Hatch date: 9 May 2017

Release date: 12 Jun 2017

Release site: Lady Fen, WWT Welney

Latest sighting: Ouse Washes, Jul 2018

Guardian: not yet, become a Guardian

Photo credit:
Jonathan Taylor/RSPB

The beginning of her story...
Earith's egg was collected from the RSPB Nene Washes in April 2017 and she hatched at WWT Welney on 9 May 2017.

Back to the wild...
Earith was released on 12 June 2017 on Lady Fen at WWT Welney. Earith is fitted with a geolocator so, in future, may help us map the godwits' migratory route.

And her story continues...
May to Jun 2018. She is breeding at the RSPB Pilot Project site, adjacent to the Ouse Washes. She is paired with a wild male and fledges one chick!
Jul 2018. She visits Silt Fen and WWT Welney's Ouse Washes reserve.

Where is she spending the autumn and winter? Will she return to breed again at the RSPB Pilot Project site?

How was she named?
Earith was named after a village at the western end of the Ouse Washes. The two drainage channels, the Old and New Bedford Rivers, that run either side of the Ouse Washes begin at Earith, leaving the River Great Ouse and rejoining at the Denver Sluice.


Latest update: 17/10/2018