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Godwits Being Given a Head Start

April 30, 2017

This year we will be trialling the rear and release of black-tailed godwits in an effort to boost population numbers, using a process known as “headstarting”. Thirty-two black-tailed godwit eggs have been collected from nests […]

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Will Tiny Tracking Devices Reveal Godwit Migration Secrets?

April 20, 2017

Two tiny geolocator devices were fitted to black-tailed godwits at the Nene Washes today in a bid to find out more about the birds migration movements. This is the first time that godwits breeding in […]

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Project Godwit Gets Underway

April 17, 2017

Welcome to our new website! Project Godwit is a new partnership project between the RSPB and WWT, with the aim of securing the future of breeding black-tailed godwits in the UK. Black-tailed godwits have a […]

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