Help us create a godwit flock

This season we're separated from each other and from our beloved black-tailed godwits.

To raise some smiles and prove that physical separation won't stop us flocking together for black-tailed godwits, we are...

Calling on everyone to help us create an online flock of godwits!

To join in

  1. Create a godwit (see below for help and ideas)
  2. Take a photo
  3. Submit to us either by responding to our social media posts or sending to Include the names/credit you'd like to go with your submission.

What will happen next

  1. The social media flock will grow and we'll add to it with the email submissions
  2. We will create an online gallery to house the flock
  3. We all enjoy (and maybe have a giggle at) the creations!

Do I need to be an artist?

Definitely not! You can use one of our colouring sheets, send a doodle or get creative with isolation food supplies. And we'd love to receive children's artwork too: pasta shells, collage, chalk, colouring, drawing, whatever is available.

Help and ideas

Want a homeschooling link?

The Stone Age is part of the Key Stage 2 curriculum and cave paintings can be a great way to explore the Stone Age. Just like people in the Stone Age would retreat to their caves and draw the animals that were important to them on the walls, we've retreated to our homes and need to remember the animals that are important to us. A free KS2 lesson plan on Stone Age cave painting can be downloaded from here.

Your permission

By making a submission, you are giving us consent to use your submission, along with the names/credit provided,  and post on this website, social media, and other awareness raising materials now and in the future. We may edit your submission, for example crop borders, to be able to use it. We may contact you about your submission using the method of contact that you used to make the submission.