Giving godwits a headstart

We've been rearing and releasing black-tailed godwits at our project sites to boost the population.

Creating the perfect habitat

Project Godwit focuses on two wetland sites in the east of England – the Ouse Washes and Nene Washes. Here conservationists are aiming to grow the black-tailed godwit population by enhancing godwit habitat and trialling methods to increase productivity.

Seen a godwit?

We've been colour ringing black-tailed godwits to learn more about their migration. If you see a ringed bird, please tell us about it.

Looking for homeschooling resources?

We have a classroom pack aimed at Key Stages 1 and 2: lesson plans, activities, worksheets, colouring sheets, and lots more.


Help us create a godwit flock!

Latest news

That Was the Year That Was

December 22, 2020

The intention with this end-of-year blog was to avoid referencing gloomy current affairs and provide some light distraction for both […]

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Much to write home about…

By Rebecca Lee | November 21, 2020

The days are getting shorter and colder, the four UK countries have been in and out of lockdowns and tiered restrictions like the hokey cokey, and summer seems like a distant memory. November can feel like a dreary time of year at the best of times, so the team at Project Godwit have found it […]

Migration – guaranteed to impress

By Rebecca Lee | October 10, 2020

Anyone who doesn’t have at least some degree of admiration for the feat of bird migration either isn’t aware of the challenges involved or must lack any sense of wonder and imagination. It’s World Migratory Birds Day this Saturday 10 October and with excellent timing a new wave of sightings of black-tailed godwits from outside […]

Project Godwit is a partnership between RSPB and WWT with major funding from the EU LIFE Nature Programme, The HSBC 150th Anniversary Fund, Natural England and the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The project aims to secure the future of black-tailed godwits in the UK.

Join our godwit flock!

If you are part of a school or community group close to the project sites then you could become a Godwit Guardian. Becoming a Godwit Guardian is a free, fun way to get involved in Project Godwit, by linking you to one of our headstarted birds.